• IoT powered TagTik Satellite device tracks users in the campus, doing automatic attendance, monitoring safety zones and managing location services.
  • TagTik is powered by Internet of Things. It uses a proprietary patent pending technology to detect movement and automatic attendance. It is even smart to detect, if a child carries more than one ID card  or if a child is nearing a unsafe zone and gives a alert to the right people to take necessary action.


  • Healpha – School is the most comprehensive school health programs., with 100+ parameters  covering Head to Toe screening.
    It is compliant with MHFW, RBSK, CBSE, NCERT guidelines. It uses the state of the art technology like IoT, PoC, AI ML enabling  Faster, Cheaper & Better results.


                   SMASH is an integrated IoT based control and security system built for your home, building and society. It creates a configurable network of smart equipment that can enable a home user to perform functions to help them reside in a secure, smart and contemporary environment.

  • Smart home, Smart building, Smart society
  • Embedded during home construction
  • Internet of Things design